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KBP POS | Control dRun Plus 2014

[Control dRun Plus 2014] Is to tackle the problem of other free software and website writing things into your computer causing it's performance to slow.

It also tackles programs that run it the background (adverts, viruses, junk on your internet explorer toolbar) which can affect the performance of your computer.

[Control dRun Plus 2014] Is not an anti-virus program and cannot repair your computer if it has got a virus. It is meant to be used as a preventative method, blocking auto-run so virus programs cannot write itself onto your computer.

Can increase the performance of your computer by upto 5-10 times. Start up and shut-down times will decrease significantly.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista, Windows7/8 and POSReady 2009/7 (x86/x64)

Dwonload Control dRun Plus 2014

If [Control dRun] cannot run on your computer, please goto Microsoft website and download install.
.Net Framework 2.0
  1. No-one wants to see so many auto-run their computer.
    Click on Empty HKCU/HKLM/USER button, to remove all auto-run.
  2. Right click USER\Task Schedeuler (Local Task Schedeuler), then select Empty Task Schedeuler.
Click Settings. You will then see the following screen.
Click on Install-Remove button, select (check) Enable Ctrl Processes, then click Apply button.
On the Control Processes, can forbid programs (stop run programs).

KBP POS | Setup Guide
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