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KBP POS | Caller ID Display

  • To use caller display function you need to have registered with your telephone company for Caller ID Display and purchase a Caller ID Display box and need serial port on your compute.

  • To use the caller display function operates correctly you need to have the correct setting in communication. To alter the setting click Tools | Communication from menu bar the form below will appear:

  • You need to enter the number of the Comm Port that you have connected the caller display box on. If the setting is incorrect the caller display box will not be able to detect the number of the caller.

  • Once caller display is activated it will detect the callers number and show on screen as below. If this is an old customer and their details are already in your database then their address will also appear. Press the F9 key to paste this address to the address section.

  • If the callers details are not on the database then a massage will appear Address Unavailable". Press F9 to paste telephone number over to address section then type in address details if needed. The next time this customer callers their address will also show.

  • Note: Caller ID Display function for Pro & Enterprise version only.

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